How CAPS improves paint dispersibility

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In the paint industry, dispersibility is a crucial performance parameter. The dispersibility of coatings directly affects their construction performance, film-forming effect, as well as the uniformity and aesthetics of coatings. Therefore, improving the dispersibility of coatings has always been an important issue in the field of coating research and production. In recent years, CAPS buffer, as a new type of biological buffer, has shown significant advantages in improving the dispersion of coatings. This article will explore in detail how CAPS improves paint dispersibility and elucidate its important role in practical applications.


CAPS buffer powder


The importance of paint dispersibility


The dispersibility of coatings refers to the degree of uniform dispersion of each component in water or organic solvents. A good dispersibility is crucial for the performance of coatings. It not only ensures that the coating can uniformly wet the substrate during the construction process, forming a dense and uniform coating, but also improves the adhesion and durability of the coating. At the same time, good dispersibility can also reduce the possibility of sedimentation, layering and other problems during the use of coatings, thereby extending the service life of coatings.


The chemical structure and properties of CAPS


CAPS, also known as 3-cyclohexylamine sulfonic acid, contains both cyclohexylamine and sulfonic acid functional groups, making it both hydrophilic and oleophilic. This structure enables CAPS to exhibit good emulsifying and dispersing effects in both water-based and oil-based systems.


The Mechanism of Improving Coating Dispersion by CAPS


The mechanism of improving paint dispersibility through CAPS is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. CAPS interacts with polar groups on the surface of solid particles such as pigments and fillers, reducing the charge density on the particle surface and electrostatic repulsion between particles, thereby promoting particle dispersion in solvents.


The sulfonic acid groups of CAPS can form hydrogen bonds with water molecules in the solvent, enhancing the wetting ability of the solvent on solid particles and further improving the dispersibility of the coating.


3. CAPS can also affect the surface charge state of solid particles such as pigments and fillers by adjusting the pH value of the coating system, thereby further improving the dispersibility of the coating.


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The advantages of CAPS in practical applications


In addition to the above mechanisms, CAPS also has the following advantages in practical applications:


1. CAPS has excellent stability and compatibility, and can exist stably in various coating systems, making it difficult to undergo chemical reactions or phase separation with other components.


2.The addition of CAPS is relatively small, which can significantly improve the dispersibility of coatings and reduce production costs.


3. As an environmentally friendly additive, CAPS meets the current requirements of the paint industry for environmental performance and helps promote the sustainable development of the paint industry.

In summary, CAPS, as a new type of buffer, has significant advantages in improving the dispersion of coatings. Through its chemical structure and properties, CAPS can reduce the surface charge density and van der Waals forces of solid particles such as pigments and fillers, and improve the dispersibility of coatings in solvents. At the same time, CAPS also has excellent stability and compatibility, which can be widely used in various coating systems. Therefore, in future paint research and production, CAPS is expected to become an important additive, providing strong support for improving paint performance and meeting environmental requirements.

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