New Desheng obtained the heparin sodium cosmetic raw material submission code

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Heparin sodium is a common anticoagulant widely used in the medical field. However, in recent years, heparin sodium has also emerged in the cosmetics industry, and its application in skincare products has become a new trend. Recently, Xindesheng Company successfully obtained the submission code for heparin sodium cosmetic raw materials. This milestone event not only marks significant achievements in the research and development of cosmetic raw materials, but also ensures the safe use of raw materials in the cosmetics industry.


Sodium heparin powder


New Desheng's strength and contribution in the research and development of cosmetic raw materials


As an experienced raw material research and development and production enterprise, Xindesheng has always been committed to finding and developing safe and effective cosmetic raw materials. For many years, the company has continuously invested heavily in research and development, actively introduced advanced technology and equipment, and established a comprehensive research and development system. Heparin sodium, as a raw material with excellent moisturizing and anti-aging functions, has been highly valued by Xindesheng. After a long period of in-depth research, the company has successfully overcome the technical difficulties in the application of heparin sodium in cosmetics and obtained a submission code. The achievement reflects the strong strength of Xindesheng in the field of cosmetics raw material research and development, and also provides more safe and effective raw material choices for the cosmetics industry.


The application of heparin sodium in cosmetics


1. Moisturizing and skincare: Heparin sodium has excellent moisturizing properties. When added to skincare products, it can quickly penetrate the surface of the skin, form a moisture protection film, effectively lock in moisture, and enhance skin moisturizing.


2. Antioxidant effect: Sodium heparin in skincare products can inhibit the generation of free radicals, reduce oxidative damage to the skin from the external environment, and help delay the aging process of the skin.


3. Anti inflammatory and anti allergic: Heparin sodium also has good anti-inflammatory and anti allergic properties, which can help alleviate skin sensitivity and other issues.


The Importance of New Desheng Obtaining the Heparin Sodium Cosmetic Raw Material Submission Code


1. Compliant operation: The submission code for cosmetic raw materials is one of the indicators to measure product compliance. New Desheng obtaining the submission code for heparin sodium means that its products have undergone strict regulatory review and are qualified for compliant production and operation.


2. Product Traceability: Through the submission code, consumers can trace the source of raw materials, production processes, and other information of the product, improving the transparency and credibility of the product.


3. Quality assurance: The acquisition of the submission code is usually accompanied by strict monitoring and management of product quality, ensuring that the product meets relevant quality standards.


Precautions for using heparin sodium


1. Concentration control: The concentration of heparin sodium used in cosmetics should be scientifically evaluated to ensure its efficacy and safety in the product.


2. Target audience: Heparin sodium, as a cosmetic ingredient, is suitable for most skin types. However, for special skin types or individuals with skin diseases, it is recommended to use it under the guidance of a professional.


3. Avoid allergens: When using cosmetics containing sodium heparin, avoid mixing them with other chemical components that may cause allergies.



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Heparin sodium, as a multifunctional skincare ingredient, has shown advantages in cosmetics. New Desheng's acquisition of the heparin sodium cosmetic raw material submission code marks a solid step in the cosmetics field. At present, the company has stock available for sale, including cosmetics such as heparin sodium and blood collection additive heparin sodium. Welcome interested parties to click on the website to inquire about details and purchase!