N-Cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid

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Biological buffers


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  • Description
  • Usage Introduction
  • Product advantages
    • Commodity name: N-Cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid
    • Commodity ID: 1080800567958851584
    • CAS#: 1135-40-6
    • 分子量: 221.32
    • 分子式: C9H19NO3S
    • 储存条件: Room temperature, protected from light and moisture

    (English name)N-Cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid

    (Chinese name)3-(cyclohexylamine)-1-propanesulfonic acid



    (Molecular weight)221.32

    (Molecular formula)C9H19NO3S

    (Storage condition)room temperature, away from light and moisture

    (Molecular structure)


    (Application)Tris Gly, SDS and 20% methanol buffer are not used for PVD membrane transfer of protein. Because there is glycine in the buffer, it is difficult to distinguish whether glycine is brought in by buffer or the protein itself during sequencing. Now, 10mm / 1caps10% methanol is used as membrane transfer buffer for sequencing, and the methanol concentration range in caps electroimprinting buffer is 0-20%. Generally, the methanol concentration is high The buffer has a good effect on the transfer of low molecular weight protein, while the buffer with low methanol concentration or even without methanol is conducive to the transfer of high molecular weight protein.

    (Product advantage)The purity is ≥99%, with good water solubility and stable process, which can ensure that the product appearance is pure white crystal powder.

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