Packaging method of serum separation gel

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Serum separation gel is a widely used biochemical separation material in blood collection tubes, usually located at the bottom of the blood collection vessel, used to separate serum and blood cells from the blood. The process of packaging serum separation gel generally requires high accuracy and cleanliness to ensure the separation effect and safety of the blood collection process in subsequent experiments. Below, we will introduce the packaging method of serum separation gel, with a focus on material preparation, packaging process, and quality control.

Serum separating gel

Stores reserve

Before starting to pack serum separation gel, the following materials and equipment need to be prepared:

1. Serum separation gel: This is the main substance used for packaging, which is usually composed of compounds with special specific gravity density and can form a clear separation layer during the blood collection process.

2. Hollow blood collection vessel: This is a container that contains serum separation gel and collects blood. The blood collection vessel is divided into transparent plastic and glass, allowing for clear observation of blood samples.

3. Packaging equipment: A device used to accurately package serum separation gel into blood collection vessels. These devices can be manual or automatic, such as fully automatic glue adding machines, and the specific model and specifications depend on the production process.

4. Workbench and clean area: The process of packaging serum separation gel requires a clean working area and environment to prevent impurities from entering the blood collection vessel.

Packaging process

(1) Ensure a sterile environment: Before the packaging process begins, ensure that the serum separation gel environment, blood collection vessels, and packaging equipment used for packaging are clean and sterile.

(2) Preheating blood vessels: If the winter is too cold, hollow blood vessels can be placed in heating equipment, usually between 50 ° C-60 ° C. The purpose of preheating is to prevent the cold weather from causing high viscosity of serum separation gel, which cannot be injected to the bottom of the tube.

(3) Take out the preheated blood collection vessel and stand it in a vertical position. Using a syringe or automatic dispensing machine, slowly inject serum separation gel into the bottom of the blood collection vessel to ensure a smooth injection process.

(4) Exhaust bubble: Place the test tube with serum separation gel upright for 8-12 hours, then seal and vacuum to ensure that no bubbles are generated.

(5) Staying still: Whether during the process of adding glue or vacuuming, its thixotropic performance will temporarily decrease. Generally, after the serum separation gel is packaged, the test tube will be left standing at room temperature for more than 1 hour.

(6) Sealed packaging: After packaging, the blood collection vessel will be sealed and packaged to prevent dust or other substances from entering.

Product packaging

Quality control

To ensure that the packaged serum separation gel meets the quality requirements, a series of quality control tests are required. Its testing typically includes:

(1) Specific gravity test: Check whether the specific gravity of the separated serum gel meets the standard, such as between 1.045 and 1.065g/cm3, to ensure the separation effect.

(2) Separation time test: Determine the separation time of the serum separation gel to ensure that it can quickly form a separation layer during blood collection, to prevent excessive time. Generally, the separation time is about 10 minutes.

(3) Cleanliness: Check for impurities in the blood collection vessel to ensure it is sterile and clean.

(4) Key performance tests, such as viscosity, thixotropy, physiological inertness, etc., are crucial quality factors that cannot be ignored as they are related to separation efficiency and safety.

Through these quality control tests, it can be ensured that the packaged serum separation gel meets the standards and is beneficial for later experiments, reducing unnecessary troubles. As a professional manufacturer of blood collection additives, Desheng is well aware of the importance of packaging methods for high-quality serum separation gel. It can provide one-on-one guidance for customers and provide relevant indicator testing reports. It is a trusted and long-term repurchase target for most blood collection manufacturers. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase.