Effective time of heparin sodium anticoagulation as an additive for blood collection

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Blood collection additives are an indispensable part of medical blood collection procedures, and heparin sodium anticoagulants are one of the important components. It is a polysaccharide with strong anticoagulant effects that inhibits the coagulation process by binding to coagulation factors in the blood. Therefore, it is widely used in blood collection to maintain the original state of blood samples during collection and analysis to avoid errors in results.

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The importance of the effective time of heparin sodium anticoagulation

The effective time of heparin sodium anticoagulant in blood sampling additives is a key factor, which indicates how long it takes to ensure the initial state of the blood sample after adding heparin sodium to the blood sampling vessel. Especially when it is necessary to store the sample for a long time or transfer it between multiple laboratories, it can ensure stability within the effective time.

The anticoagulant mechanism of heparin sodium

Understanding the anticoagulant mechanism of heparin sodium is crucial for understanding its effective time. The anticoagulant effect of heparin sodium is based on binding and inhibiting thrombin factors, preventing the formation of fibrin, thereby preventing the coagulation process and achieving anticoagulant goals. It is precisely this effect that makes it an ideal anticoagulant for blood collection. However, its anticoagulant effect is also influenced by some factors, which are also related to its effective time.

Factors affecting the anticoagulant efficacy of heparin sodium

1. The amount of heparin sodium added: The dosage of heparin sodium used is directly related to its anticoagulant effect. Usually, according to industry standards, the recommended dosage is 12-30IU of heparin sodium per milliliter of blood, and the micro blood sampler is less than 14IU per milliliter of blood. Adding a dosage can more or less affect anticoagulant efficacy.

2. Concentration: Due to the fact that heparin sodium is manufactured as a powder, it needs to be prepared into a solution of a certain concentration when added to the blood collection vessel. Generally, the calculation is based on the concentration=corresponding weight of heparin sodium/volume of additive (UL), and the concentration also affects its anticoagulant effect.

3. Uniformity: When heparin sodium is added to the blood collection vessel and comes into contact with the blood sample, it should be ensured that the mixture is uniform. Insufficient mixing may lead to local coagulation and reduce the anticoagulant effect of heparin sodium.

4. Sample container: The type of collecting vessel used may also affect the anticoagulant effect of heparin sodium, and different types of tube walls may affect the attachment and release of heparin. It is recommended to use professional heparin tubes.

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Practical application

In practical medical practice, the effective time of heparin sodium anticoagulants is usually controlled within a specific time range to meet the needs of different types of laboratory and medical examinations. Generally speaking, the effective time of heparin sodium anticoagulants is 6 hours, and the test should be completed within 6 hours after collecting blood samples to ensure the accuracy of the results. This is because although heparin sodium has a strong anticoagulant effect, it is non irreversible and may gradually lose its effectiveness over time, leading to blood sample clotting.

Heparin sodium anticoagulant, as a member of the blood collection additive, plays an important role in blood collection. Understanding its anticoagulation mechanism and effective time is the key to reducing experimental interference, saving time for medical staff and patients, and improving disease diagnosis efficiency. As a manufacturer of heparin sodium raw materials, Desheng can provide analytical grade, high-quality products, which are easy to use and stable in blood collection. If you are interested, please feel free to click on the website for more information and purchase!