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Blood collection tube additives

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    • Commodity name: Heparin sodium
    • Commodity ID: 1080800812583243776
    • CAS#: -
    • 分子量: -
    • 分子式: -
    • 储存条件: Seal and store in a cool and dry place, away from light and moisture

    Used for in vitro anticoagulation of blood, pre-treatment of blood samples during clinical blood collection and testing

    [Product Name] Sodium heparin

    [Package Specification] Plastic bottle, 10g/bottle, 20g/bottle, 50g/bottle

    [Product Standard] Q/WHDS 003-2016

    [Product Performance] White amorphous powder, odorless, soluble in water, easy to absorb moisture, average molecular weight of 15,000, stable at room temperature. The potency of sodium heparin of our company is ≥150 IU/Mg, and the potency of anhydrous sodium heparin is ≥ 160 IU/Mg. Other indexes were controlled according to sodium heparin standard.

     [Scope of application]

    1. This product is applicable to the collection and anticoagulation of blood samples for clinical biochemical examination and emergency biochemical examination, and also applicable to the collection and anticoagulation of blood samples for some hemorheology projects.  

    2. The use of sodium heparin as an anticoagulant is recommended for the determination of ion content in blood in clinical tests because it is the least likely to interfere with the determination of other ions.  

    3. This product is not a drug and cannot be used as an injection. Direct injection into human body and animals is prohibited.


    In order to ensure sufficient anti-coagulation of blood, it is necessary to mix the blood upside down for 5-8 times as soon as possible after the completion of blood collection, especially when the ambient temperature of blood collection is higher than 25℃, the mixing of blood and  sodium heparin must be sufficient in time, otherwise it is easy to cause blood coagulation or local coagulation.

    Heparin anti-coagulation is not irreversible, so the test should be completed within 6 hours after blood collection in heparin anti-coagulation test tube, otherwise the test results may have errors.

    Heparin may be involved in the metabolism of cell enzymes and ions, so the use of heparin may affect the test results. The dosage of heparin should ensure the full anti-coagulation of the whole and local samples, so as to ensure that most of the plasma indexes can be repeated within 6 hours, especially the sensitive indexes such as AST, ALT, TBIL, DBIL and GGT.

    Sodium heparin can be used at the same time with the separation gel. Anticoagulant effect, tube wall silicification, centrifugation conditions, separation gel quality and so on will affect the blood separation effect. It is suggested that high quality plasma samples can be obtained by using the blood separation gel produced by our company.

    It is recommended to use γ - ray irradiation at a dose of 8-25kgy. The irradiation dose can be determined by the initial colony number.


    [Warning and Prevention]

    It is forbidden to use sodium heparin when it has impurities, abnormal smell, color and expiration date.

    When the sodium heparin solution appears turbid, it may be that the heparin solution has been contaminated with bacteria or deteriorated, please do not continue to use.

    This product is a biological preparation, safe, non-toxic and harmless.

    [Storage conditions]

    The product can be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place, away from light and moisture. The aqueous solution of this product can be sealed at 0-4℃ in sterile state, and the longest storage period shall not exceed 7 days. It is recommended that the aqueous solution of this product be prepared and used immediately, and not stored in solution state for a long time.

    [Validity] 3 years

    Desheng is an established blood test reagent company with 14 years of R&D and production experience. It has a lot of research on blood collection additives. Enterprises or individuals in need of sodium heparin can directly contact 15071057538(Wechat same number) . We look forward to your calls, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!

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