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3-(cyclohexylamine) -1-propanesulfonic acid, referred to as CAPS, is an important chemical raw material. There are two types of manufacturers, one is for industrial purposes, the purity is relatively lower, and the impurity content is more It is specifically for the field of biochemical reagents, with high purity and low impurity content. There are also two types involved.

[English name] N-Cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid

[Chinese name] 3-(cyclohexamide)-1-propanesulfonic acid

[Abbreviation] CAPS

[CAS No] 1135-40-6

[Molecular weight] 221.32

[Molecular formula] C9H19NO3S

[Storage condition] Room temperature, light proof and moisture proof

[Chemical structure]

In industrial field:

It is mainly used to improve waterborne coatings. After CAPS is added to waterborne polyisocyanate coatings, its sulfonic acid group reacts with tertiary amine neutralizer to produce sulfonylurea derivative. It is an excellent emulsifier, which makes the modified isocyanate coatings more stable, the finished products are not turbid, and the dispersion state of latex formed in water is good.

In addition to waterborne coatings, CAPS is also often used to manufacture welding aids, heat exchange carriers for air conditioning equipment, raw materials for lithium metal manufacturing process, pyrotechnics, dry batteries, etc., and is widely used.

CAPS reagent

In biochemical field:

It is mainly used as a biological buffer, because it is an aminosulfonate with amphoteric, can maintain the pH value of the reaction system, so it has a buffer effect.Its buffer range is 9.7~11.1.CAPS itself is acidic. When it is configured, a certain amount of water solution is weighed first, and then mixed with sodium hydroxide solution in proportion to adjust the proportion according to the required pH.

As a buffer, CAPS is mainly used in the protein electrophoresis buffer of WB experiment, which is suitable for high molecular weight proteins.CAPS electrophoresis buffer consists of CAPS, EDTA and methanol, which can be used for protein separation, protein PVDF transmembrane, protein sequencing, not suitable for nylon membrane, and Tris electrophoresis solution for nylon membrane.In addition, CAPS was also used in the buffer for the separation of alkaline drugs by HPLC.

Desheng Technology is a manufacturer specializing in the production of CAPS reagents. Its products are mainly used as buffers in the biochemical field. It can also provide industrial-grade CAPS with high purity of reagents and low impurity content. It can be directly used in kits. Other buffers produced by the company, such as Bicine, Tris and MOPS, are also widely recognized.