Brief Introduction of Virus Transporattion Medium

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Because of the variability of new coronaviruses, many asymptomatic infected people are only detected through accounting tests. We have developed inactivated and activated virus transportation media, which can be used for the detection of other viruses such as New Crown Flu. to help check that the sample is not damaged, so that the detection is more accurate.


Inactivation of the virus will destroy the high-level structure of the viral protein, the protein no longer has physiological activity, and loses its ability to infect, cause disease, and reproduce, but conventional inactivation does not affect the primary structure of the viral protein, meaning that the sequence of the viral protein is not Variety. The inactivated virus loses its infectious activity, but still has fusion activity, so that it can avoid infection when tested by personnel.


Inactivated Virus Transporattion Medium


The virus transporattion medium produced by Desheng has the following advantages:

1. The operation is easy to use, no need to prepare solution, and the system contains highly efficient virus lysate. The virus is inactivated immediately after sampling, which effectively prevents the risk of secondary infection and guarantees the safety of transportation and testing personnel;

2. Viral DNA/RNA can be stored and transported at room temperature for 1 week without degradation. After extraction according to most commercial kits, the obtained DNA/RNA has good quality and high yield, and can complete various genetic detection and analysis experiments. Such as PCR, qPCR, etc., while saving transportation costs;

3. Nucleic acid RNase inhibitor is included to maximize the protection of viral nucleic acid from degradation and greatly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid extraction.

4. It is suitable for the collection, storage and transportation of common virus samples such as new coronavirus, influenza virus, hand-foot-mouth virus, etc. It can collect pharyngeal swab nasal test specimens or tissue samples of specific parts. .


   Desheng virus transporattion medium has been put into mass production on the market now. If you need other products such as virus transporattion medium or vascular additives, in vitro diagnostic reagents, buffers, luminescent substrates. We are looking forward to your further consultation.