New Discovery of Luminol in Salivary Testing

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When it comes to the chemiluminescent reagent Luminol, it is not unfamiliar to everyone and is commonly used in the field of criminal investigation to detect blood stains. With the development of technology and the advancement of medical technology, relevant researchers have found that the principle of luminol luminescence can be used to detect specific substances in saliva, such as proteins, DNA, and related indicators of microorganisms, in order to determine the body's condition.

Luminol can react chemically with iron ions under the catalysis of hydrogen peroxide, producing bright blue fluorescence. Due to the presence of iron ions in saliva, under the reaction of luminol and hydrogen peroxide, the amount of target substances in saliva can be determined by observing the intensity of fluorescence, and other substances can be inferred.

Luminol powder

The application of luminol in saliva testing mainly involves three aspects:

1. Biomolecular detection: The detection of proteins, DNA and other molecules in saliva can help determine whether oral cancer, diabetes and other diseases exist. DNA detection can help identify genetic diseases, cancer and other diseases.

2. Microbial testing: It can be used to detect microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi in saliva. By analyzing the metabolites of microorganisms, the type and severity of infection can be determined, providing a basis for clinical treatment.

3. Drug abuse detection: can be used to detect drug residues such as marijuana and cocaine in saliva. This method has the advantages of non-invasive and rapid detection, and can be used for on-site screening and drug management.

Compared to traditional blood testing, Luminol saliva testing is more convenient for medical staff to operate and does not cause trauma to the personnel to be tested. However, smoking and dietary habits can easily alter the content of target substances in saliva, leading to biased results. Moreover, current technology is not perfect and there is still a certain gap from widespread use.

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