Different new Trinder's reagents have the following characteristics

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The new Trinder's reagent is a detection reagent used for in vitro diagnosis, which plays a significant role in early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of some diseases. There are many types of new Trinder's reagents and their applications are also very wide. Different reagents have different applications and characteristics, and can be used for the diagnosis of various diseases such as creatinine, renal glucose metabolism, and blood lipids.

TOOS package

1、 High molar absorbance

Molar absorbance determines the sensitivity of color reactions, and the higher the sensitivity, the more suitable it is for detecting the content of small substances in serum. The new Trinder's reagent has the characteristics of high molar absorbance in ALPS, TODB, TOOS, and TOPS, which can be used for the determination of very small amounts of test items in serum. The TOOS reagent not only has the characteristic of sensitive color response, but also is not easy to fade, and its price is also very advantageous. It is commonly used in most reagent kits.

2、 Absorbing wavelength height

The absorption wavelength determines the anti-interference performance during the detection process, as poor anti-interference performance can affect the detection results when detecting high-precision items. So it is necessary to choose new Trinder's reagents with high absorption wavelength for experiments, such as MADB and MAOS reagents, which have this characteristic. It is less interfered by other substances in the serum and can target detection items that require high precision values.

Overall, each new Trinder's reagent has its own characteristics, but they also have the same commonalities, such as high water solubility, high color reaction sensitivity, and wide pH range requirements. The specific use should still be selected based on the testing needs.

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