Industrial use of trimethylaminomethane (aminobutanol)

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Tris, also known as tromethamine, is a powerful biological buffer that has been found in biochemical experiments, medicine, and industrial fields. The role of it in biochemical experiments and medicine is often discussed in daily life, and its industrial applications are rarely introduced separately. Below, we will introduce its use in industry around this point.

1、 Preparation of Industrial Surfactants

Surfactants have a wide range of applications in industry, as they are chemical substances that can adjust the properties of liquid interfaces. The molecular structure of Tris contains three hydroxyl groups and one amino group, all of which have strong hydrophilicity. Tris can serve as an important intermediate and form surfactants by combining with other molecules. Surfactants typically have amphiphilic properties, where one end has a hydrophilic group and the other end has a hydrophobic group. Hydrophilic groups enable surfactants to interact with water, while hydrophobic groups enable them to interact with non-polar substances. The hydroxyl and amino groups of Tris can be used as hydrophilic groups, while the non-polar part can introduce hydrophobic groups through specific chemical reactions. Therefore, its multifunctional properties make it a key role in the synthesis of surfactants.

2、 Application of vulcanization accelerator

Vulcanization accelerators are a type of chemical substance widely used in the rubber and resin industry. They can promote vulcanization reactions, reduce vulcanization temperature, reduce the use of vulcanizing agents, and improve the physical and mechanical properties of products. In addition, in the resin and coating industry, vulcanization accelerators with Tris as an intermediate are used for the preparation of hardeners, and are also widely used in printing ink, electrical insulation materials, resin molds, screen printing coatings, molds, adhesives, lining materials, and plastic stabilizers for printed circuit boards.

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