Serum separation gel used in PST plasma separation gel tube

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As the "barometer" of human physiological functions, the way blood is collected and processed directly affects the accuracy of diagnostic results and the effectiveness of patient treatment. In this process, the selection and use of additives for blood collection also play a crucial role. Today, we will learn about the application of serum separation gel additives in PST plasma separation gel tubes.

Overview of PST plasma separation hose

PST plasma separation hose is a new type of blood collection container with the advantages of fast, efficient, and stable performance. The plasma separation gel tube consists of a three-layer structure, including blood cells, plasma separation gel, and plasma. Among them, heparin sodium, heparin lithium, and serum separation gel are additives for PST plasma separation gel tubes, and their unique physical and chemical properties make the collection and processing of blood samples more optimized.

The role of additives in PST plasma separation hose

Heparin sodium/heparin lithium mainly plays an anticoagulant role in blood collection additives. Heparin is an efficient anticoagulant that can inhibit thrombin in the blood and prevent blood clotting. During the blood collection process, adding heparin sodium or heparin lithium can ensure that the blood sample remains liquid for a long time, which is beneficial for subsequent detection and analysis.




25kg/plastic bucket




has good stability under conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light


Used as an additive for blood collection in the field of medical diagnosis

Storage conditions

sealed at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humid environments

Precautions for use

should avoid contact between serum separation gel and water, soap, alcohol, or other surfactants to prevent affecting its performance


Separation of serum and blood cells using serum separation gel

The serum separation gel plays a rapid and effective role in separating plasma and blood cells in the PST plasma separation gel tube. Through the centrifugation process, the serum separation gel forms a clear interface that completely separates plasma and blood cells. This separation effect improves the purity of plasma and is conducive to more accurate diagnostic results.

Protecting blood samples

Heparin sodium/heparin lithium and serum separation gel can also protect blood samples. They can prevent blood samples from coming into contact with air and reduce the impact of external environment on blood samples. In addition, they can also slow down the inactivation rate of enzymes in the blood, extend the validity period of blood samples, and thus improve the quality of blood samples.

Optimize workflow

The use of PST plasma separation hoses can reduce the processing time of blood samples and optimize workflow. By quickly and effectively separating plasma and blood cells, the PST plasma separation gel tube improves the quality and stability of blood samples, providing reliable support for the detection of emergency biochemical projects. This optimized workflow design can reduce unnecessary detection errors and improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis.

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