The order of in vitro blood collection with different vascular additives

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When we do blood sampling tests in the hospital, we will see that different patients use different numbers and colors of blood collection vessels, because different items require different blood components to be tested. In order to obtain the required test samples more accurately, different types of blood collection additives were added to different colored caps, such as serum separation gel, coagulants, heparin sodium, heparin lithium, EDTA salt, etc.

Blood collection vessel

The effect of different colored caps on blood collection

1. Red cap blood collection, without additives, commonly used for routine biochemical and immunological tests;

2. Yellow cap blood vessel collection, containing serum separation gel and coagulant, commonly used in biochemical and serum tests;

3. Green cap blood sampling, containing heparin sodium or heparin lithium, commonly used for blood ammonia measurement or certain biochemical experiments;

4. Purple cap blood collection vessel, containing EDTA dipotassium, tripotassium, or disodium, commonly used for blood routine examination;

5. Black or blue cap blood collection, containing trisodium citrate, is commonly used for erythrocyte sedimentation rate or blood coagulation tests depending on the proportion of use;

6. Gray cap blood vessel collection, mainly containing potassium oxalate and sodium fluoride, is commonly used for the determination of glucose.

Reasonable use of blood collection vessels with different colored caps during blood collection can avoid cross contamination of blood collection vessel additives and obtain accurate test results. When using blood collection needles for blood collection, the order of blood collection vessels with different colored caps is: blood culture bottles (anaerobic priority), non additive or coagulant tubes (red, yellow caps), coagulation tubes (blue caps) Other anticoagulant tubes (black green purple gray cap).

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