PH value of aqueous solution of trimethylaminomethane (CAS77-86-1)

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Tris, abbreviated as Tris, is an important biological buffer commonly found in laboratories. Its molecular formula is C4H11NO3, and its CAS number is 77-86-1. Trihydroxymethylaminomethane is known for its weak alkalinity, and the original product is usually a white crystalline powder that needs to be prepared into an aqueous solution when used. For experiments, the pH value and concentration of the aqueous solution are key factors that determine the experimental results.

1、 PH value of trihydroxymethyl aminomethane aqueous solution

The purity of trimethylaminomethane in the form of white crystal powder is over 99%, making it suitable for experiments with high purity requirements for analysis. Although it is a solid at room temperature, it can be easily dissolved in water, forming an alkaline solution with a pH value of around 10.5. This characteristic makes trimethylaminomethane highly favored in many biochemical and molecular biology experiments, especially in DNA and protein electrophoresis, as well as enzyme reactions, which help maintain enzyme activity and molecular stability.

2、 PH regulation of trimethylaminomethane

Although the trihydroxymethyl aminomethane solution is alkaline, in certain specific experiments, the pH value is adjusted according to demand, such as by adding acid. Usually, hydrochloric acid is a common acid used to reduce the pH value of a solution. By carefully adding an appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid, the pH value of the trimethylaminomethane solution can be adjusted to the precise value required for the experiment.

3、 The Effect of Temperature on Trihydroxymethyl Aminomethane Solution

When using trimethylaminomethane solution, it is also necessary to pay attention to the effect of temperature on its pH value. Its buffering performance can achieve ideal results at 25 ° C, but with the increase of temperature, the Pka value of trimethylaminomethane changes, which affects the overall experimental effect. Therefore, when using buffering agents in the laboratory, it is necessary to measure and adjust the pH value at the required temperature.

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