Advantages and characteristics of chromogenic substrate DA64 (115871-19-7)

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In the field of chemical analysis, the chromogen substrate DA64 has become an important reagent in peroxidase (POD) detection systems. Its molecular formula is C19H23N4NaO3, and its molecular weight is approximately 378.39 grams/mole. It stands out for its superior performance and unique molecular structure, providing technical support for various analytical and detection applications. What are its advantages and characteristics? Let's explore together.

1、 Basic information of DA64

The appearance of the chromogenic substrate DA64 is white and exists in the form of crystalline powder. It has excellent solubility in water, with 40 milligrams of DA64 dissolved per 100 grams of water, and can be dissolved in water at concentrations above 1 millimole.

2、 Advantages and characteristics of DA64

DA64 is popular in peroxidase detection systems for various reasons, with the following three advantages and characteristics:

1. Unique color rendering characteristics: DA64 is significantly different from traditional color rendering substrates, with its color rendering wavelength λ The maximum (color rendering wavelength) is as high as 727nm, and the wavelength of most color rendering substrates is in the range of 400-550nm, while the color rendering wavelength of DA64 is significantly higher. This characteristic makes DA64 exhibit stronger anti-interference ability in complex samples, with many common interfering substances having absorption wavelengths different from the color rendering wavelengths of DA64, making it easier to distinguish target signals.

2. High sensitivity: DA64 is very sensitive to the catalytic oxidation of POD. Its extinction coefficient at unit concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)( ε/ H2O2) is 9 × 104, which means that DA64 can generate color products with specific absorption wavelengths in POD reactions, even at very low target analytical concentrations, stable and reliable results can be obtained.

3. Widely used: DA64 is not only widely used in laboratory research, but also plays an important role in industrial and medical reagent kits, and can be used for various biochemical analyses, including enzyme activity determination, redox reaction, and immunoassay.

The chromogenic substrate DA64 stands out due to its unique color rendering characteristics, high sensitivity, and anti-interference, providing assistance for various research and determination. As an advantageous manufacturer of chromogenic substrates, Desheng provides DA64, which is mainly used for determining the content of glycosylated serum proteins in serum using chromogenic enzyme method, timely monitoring patient blood sugar levels, and making prevention and diagnosis. Based on its high water solubility and responsive properties, it is highly popular in the market. If you also have relevant needs, please feel free to contact us for purchase!