Two Characteristics of Biological Buffer TRIS (77-86-1)

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TRIS is a commonly used biological buffer in laboratories and manufacturing industries. Its function is to regulate the required pH value, stabilize product quality, and neutralize agents. This ingredient is present in daily life, from cosmetics we often use to household appliances (air purifiers). So what kind of substance is TRIS? This article will provide an introduction.

TRIS powder

For the convenience of the public's usage needs, TRIS usually exists on the market in two forms: powder form and solution form. There is no other difference between the two except for their different traits.

1. TRIS powder

For general customers, if there is a large demand for TRIS usage, they usually purchase TRIS powder. Because powder is more convenient to transport than solution, there are no high requirements for storage conditions. Simply seal and avoid light and moisture. In addition, the configuration method is relatively simple, and it can be configured and used immediately to avoid waste.

2. TRIS solution

TRIS solution is a buffer solution that can be directly used as a finished product, without the need to configure it yourself. It can be purchased and used. Suitable for small amounts of use and purchases by individuals who do not know how to configure in experiments. It is worth noting that the prepared TRIS solution has high requirements for storage environment and needs to be sealed and stored in an environment below -4 ℃, otherwise it will cause the solution to deteriorate and affect the experimental results.

The above is an introduction to the two different properties of TRIS buffer, which can be selected based on one's own experimental and production needs. However, the editor believes that whether TRIS is good or not depends on whether it is powder or solution. Instead, we choose manufacturers with reliable quality, stable product performance, and purity standards for cooperation, in order to ensure the infallibility of the experiment.

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