Structure of Luminol Sodium Salt and Its Application in Chemiluminescence

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In the field of modern scientific research and medical diagnosis, chemiluminescence technology has become an indispensable analytical tool. Luminol sodium salt, as a commonly used chemiluminescence reagent, its unique chemical structure and excellent performance make it the choice of many researchers and medical experts. Now let's discuss the chemical structure of Luminol sodium salt and its important role in chemiluminescence.

1、 Chemical Structure of Luminol Sodium Salt

The molecular structure of Luminol sodium salt contains benzene ring, imidazole ring and a Methoxy group group connected to the imidazole ring. This special structure makes Luminol sodium salt have high chemical stability and fluorescence emission performance.

2、 Chemiluminescence reaction of Luminol sodium salt

As an active chemiluminescent reagent, one of its remarkable characteristics is the oxidation reaction with oxygen. When Luminol sodium salt is exposed to an oxygen containing environment, oxygen oxidizes the hydrocarbons on the imidazole ring, thereby releasing photon energy and generating strong Teal fluorescence. This chemiluminescence reaction is not only highly sensitive, but also has an extremely fast response speed, making it widely used in biology and medical research.

3、 Application of Luminol sodium salt in chemiluminescence

Luminol sodium salt has a wide range of applications in chemiluminescence experiments due to its superior luminescent properties, including but not limited to:

(1) Enzyme labeling experiment: it can be used in enzyme labeling experiment. As a fluorescent marker, it can monitor the enzyme activity and the metabolic process of enzyme substrate, and is widely used in enzyme labeled Immunoassay and intracellular enzyme activity determination.

(2) Biosensors: Can be used to construct biosensors to detect the presence and concentration changes of biological molecules, providing a powerful tool for biological research.

(3) Chemiluminescence Immunoassay: Luminol sodium salt combines with antibodies or other biological molecules to form a specific chemiluminescence immune system, which is used for highly sensitive and rapid detection of target molecules, such as pathogens, proteins, etc., and has applications in clinical diagnosis and biomedical research.

As an important chemiluminescent reagent, Luminol sodium salt has been widely used in biology, medicine and other scientific research fields due to its unique chemical structure and excellent luminescent properties. However, it should be noted that the premise of use is that the performance of Luminol sodium salt is stable. It is recommended to choose high-quality manufacturers, such as Desheng, which can provide reagents with a purity of up to 98%. In addition, six different groups of acridine ester are available, with complete types and low prices. Welcome interested parties to click on the website for consultation!