Types of blood samples and three commonly used blood Anticoagulant

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A commonly used emergency biochemical experiment in clinical diagnosis is blood testing. Nurses collect blood from patients using different colored blood collection tubes. Don't underestimate these colorful tubes, as they have different built-in blood collection additives and obtain different specimens. The following is a detailed introduction to blood samples and Anticoagulant for blood collection vessels.

Additives for blood collection

1、 Common blood samples can be divided into the following types

1. Whole blood: blood Anticoagulant is usually embedded in the blood collection vessel to make the blood non coagulate for a short time in vitro.

2. Plasma: Anticoagulant is embedded in the blood collection vessel and obtained by blood centrifugation. The supernatant is called plasma and contains coagulation factors.

3. Serum: blood without Anticoagulant. The supernatant obtained by centrifugation is called serum, which does not contain coagulation factors.

2、 Three commonly used blood Anticoagulant

1. Heparin Anticoagulant: it is white powder in appearance and is prepared as a solution when used. Heparin has the function of direct antithrombin, which is conducive to keeping the blood in a liquid state. The commonly used heparin Anticoagulant includes heparin lithium salt and heparin sodium salt, and the safety cap of blood collection vessel containing heparin is green.

2. EDTA Anticoagulant: Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTA can effectively chelate coagulation factors in blood samples, thus preventing blood samples from coagulation. There are three common EDTA Anticoagulant: EDTA dipotassium/tripossium/disodium. The blood collection tube containing EDTA is a purple safety cap.

3. Sodium citrate Anticoagulant: sodium citrate plays an anticoagulant role mainly by chelating with coagulation factors in the blood. It is also known as sodium citrate. The blood collection tube containing this additive is a Baby blue or black safety cap.

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