Vacutainer Silicon Oil, so good to use, you don't know!

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When it comes to Silicon Oil in blood vessels, professionals can tell at a glance what they are used for, but laypeople have no understanding of this, and there is even very little information available online for searching. However, although there is limited information, it is a highly frequently used reagent in the medical industry and has special significance for the production of blood vessels. Why do you say that? Below, we will introduce its benefits in detail.

1、 Benefits for vacuum test tubes

Adding silicone oil to a vacuum test tube can smooth out rough pipe diameters that cannot be recognized by the naked eye, making it more convenient to use and avoiding wall hanging. It can also reduce the interference of the material used for blood sampling. At the same time, it can stably ensure that the blood is tested in its original state, making the results more accurate and the appearance of the vacuum test tube more smooth and transparent.

2、 Benefits of Blood Samples in Test Tubes

Adding silicone oil to a vacuum test tube is called "silicification treatment", which can prevent hemolysis or coagulation of the blood sample in the blood collection vessel. The reason why it works is that the oil silicon avoids the burrs on the groove points on the inner wall of the test tube, ensuring that the fragile blood cell components are not damaged, so as not to affect the experimental effect.

3、 Benefits for downstream manufacturers

This benefit mainly targets the use of silicone oil, and for downstream manufacturers added to test tubes, their preparation efficiency will be improved. Because the oil silicon is a finished product that has been made, the manufacturer generally only needs to take an appropriate amount of oil silicon, add Petroleum ether and fully stir it evenly, then spray the mixed solution into the inner wall of the test tube, place it for about 2 hours to cure, and then dry it at high temperature. These operation steps and methods are simple, and even laymen can operate without any problems.

Whether in terms of the performance of silicone oil or its benefits for blood collection vessels, its benefits can surpass a large number of similar reagents and its role cannot be underestimated. At present, although there are many manufacturers selling siliconizing agents on the market, only a few have truly excellent quality. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone consider the siliconizing agents sold by Desheng, which not only have high siliconizing quality but also are conducive to the stability of experiments and offer favorable prices. If you are interested, please click on the website to inquire about details and purchase!