Food additive sodium citrate and sodium citrate in blood samples

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Although sodium citrate is a common food additive, it is a blood Anticoagulant used in blood collection. Although both contain sodium citrate, there are significant differences in their uses and properties. Below, a detailed analysis will be conducted from these two points.

Sodium citrate powder

1. Food additive - Sodium citrate

In terms of its use, sodium citrate in food additives is mainly used to increase the acidity and enhance the taste of food. Sodium citrate can regulate the acidity of food, making it more delicious. It can also serve as an antioxidant and a preservative to prevent food spoilage. Sodium citrate in food additives is a colorless crystalline substance with good solubility and stability. It is strictly used according to the prescribed dosage and is almost safe for the human body. This is also why we often see this ingredient in some snacks.

2. Sodium citrate as an additive for blood collection

Sodium citrate in blood collection vessel is a Anticoagulant mainly used in blood collection. When we need to collect blood, in order to prevent blood from clotting during the collection process, sodium citrate is used to prevent blood from clotting, thereby ensuring the stability of the sample during the blood testing process. The sodium citrate in the additive for blood collection is of analytical purity and appears as a white crystalline powder. It needs to be prepared as a solution when used.

In summary, although the names of the two types of sodium citrate are the same, their effects are greatly different. Next time, don't be foolishly confused. We should clarify their purpose and properties and purchase sodium citrate that meets the usage needs. Desheng is a manufacturer of sodium citrate, an additive for blood collection, with stable product quality and good anticoagulant effect. If you need to purchase, please feel free to contact us for inquiries and orders!