Characteristics of analytical grade Tris

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Tris(Trihydroxyaminomethane) is a commonly used buffer, which is widely used in the experiments of molecular biology, biochemistry, biomedicine and other fields. As an analytical grade chemical, it has high purity, low impurities, and good stability, providing reliable results for experiments. Below is a specific analysis of the characteristics and applications of pure Trihydroxyaminomethane.

1. High purity: Tris of analytical purity level has the characteristic of high purity, and undergoes strict preparation and purification processes to ensure low impurity content, with a purity of up to 99%. High purity Tris can reduce interfering substances in experiments, providing accurate results and repeatability.

2. Stability: The analytical purity level is high, and it has good chemical stability and can maintain stable performance under various experimental conditions. It also has a long shelf life and can be used in the laboratory for a long time without degradation or deactivation.

3. Buffering performance: Tris, as a buffering agent, plays a role in maintaining the pH stability of the solution in experiments. It has good buffering performance and can provide stable buffering effect over a wide pH range. It can be used for experiments under acidic, neutral, and alkaline conditions and has good buffering capacity.

4. Application field: Analytical pure Tris is widely used in molecular biology and biochemical experiments in many laboratories, such as DNA/RNA electrophoresis, Gel electrophoresis of proteins, enzyme reaction, cell culture, protein crystallization and other experiments. It is also commonly used to prepare other buffer solutions and experimental reagents, such as Tris EDTA buffer, Tris HCl buffer, etc.

5. Precautions for use: Pay attention to maintaining the pH stability of Tris solution, avoid the impact of high or low pH values on the experimental results, and strictly prepare and use Tris solution in accordance with the requirements of the experimental plan and user manual to avoid contamination and interference from impurities. In addition, attention should be paid to storage conditions to avoid moisture, exposure to light, or high temperature environments, in order to maintain its stability and quality.

Analytical grade Tris, as a high-purity and stable biological buffer, plays an important role in scientific research. It has excellent buffering performance and is suitable for use under various experimental conditions, providing reliable tools for experimental personnel. As a manufacturer of buffering agents, Desheng produces products of analytical purity, with a purity of up to 99%, suitable for various required experiments. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for purchase!