What are the reasons and solutions for the blockage of the serum separation gel needle?

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In clinical and scientific fields, serum separation gel is a commonly used reagent for separating serum from blood in blood collection vessels. However, sometimes when using serum separation gel tubes for analysis, needle blockage may occur, which brings certain difficulties to the operation. What's going on here? What is the solution? Let's analyze it specifically for everyone below.

1、 Causes of needle blockage

1. Colloidal particle aggregation: Colloidal particles in serum separation gel may sometimes aggregate due to prolonged storage time, temperature changes, or uneven oscillation, leading to needle blockage.

2. Gel formation: some components in the serum separating gel may form gel under specific conditions, such as low temperature or pH change, which may also lead to blockage.

3. Foreign object contamination: The serum separation gel container may be contaminated with foreign objects, such as particles, fibers, or other impurities, leading to blockage.

2、 Solution

1. Check the aggregation status of the separation gel: Before using the serum separation gel, observe its appearance for any abnormalities to ensure that the separation gel is in a solidified state and not easy to flow. If any flow phenomenon is found, immediately replace the test tube or consider whether it is caused by other factors.

2. Control temperature and pH: Follow the storage requirements of serum separation gel and try to avoid too low temperature or drastic changes in pH value, which may affect the composition of the separation gel and increase its viscosity, thereby affecting the experiment.

3. Check for foreign object contamination: Before use, check the container or analytical equipment for foreign object contamination. If found, replace it with a new non polluting container, otherwise it will also interfere with the experiment.

3、 Pay attention to operational skills

Select serum separation gel test tubes without any abnormalities for sampling to reduce the risk of blockage. At the same time, attention should be paid to the speed, time, and temperature control during the separation process of the separating adhesive to avoid unstable performance caused by external forces. In addition, the storage requirements for serum separation gel should be followed to ensure that it is stored under appropriate temperature and humidity conditions to maintain its quality and performance unchanged.

The blockage of the serum separation gel needle is a possible problem that may be encountered during use. To avoid blockage, it is necessary to carefully check before use. By following the correct operating techniques and precautions, researchers can better use the serum separation gel and avoid the occurrence of needle blockage and other problems, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the experiment.

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