What is the role of Thixotropy of serum separating gel?

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Serum separation gel is a common chemical reagent used to separate serum components from blood. In addition to the traditional separation function, the serum separating gel also has Thixotropy, that is, it can change its rheological characteristics under force. Now let's discuss the Thixotropy effect of serum separating gel and its application in biochemical experiments.

1、 Basic principle of Thixotropy

Thixotropy refers to the change of rheological properties of substances under the action of force. Generally, serum gel is in the gel state, with high viscosity and flow resistance. When the shear force or external force is applied, the serum separating gel will flow, its viscosity will decrease, and its fluidity will increase. Once the force is stopped, it will return to the original gel state.

2、 Thixotropy effect of serum gel

Its main function is to effectively separate blood components. The separation gel is located between serum and blood clots, which can prevent the mixing of blood components and ensure the separation of serum from other components in the sample. Under the action of force, Thixotropy enables the serum separating gel to flow, which is convenient for timely separation into three parts: serum, blood clot and separating gel.

3、 Application in Biochemical Experiments

1. Serum collection and separation: serum separating gel is directly added to the blood collection vessel for blood sample collection. During centrifugation, Thixotropy enables serum separating gel to separate blood components and completely separate serum from other components.

2. Biological sample processing: The Thixotropy of serum separating gel can provide convenience when processing biological samples. It can be used to separate serum, cell supernatant, cell precipitation, etc., to ensure the purity and accuracy of sample processing.

3. Simplification of experimental process: because its Thixotropy helps separation, it can simplify the experimental process, reduce the operating steps, do not need additional centrifugation steps, and save time and experimental costs.

4、 Precautions

When using serum separation gel, relevant operating procedures should be followed to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the experiment. In addition, it should be noted that Thixotropy may be affected by temperature, pH value, centrifugal force and other factors. Appropriate temperature control and centrifugal conditions should be set according to experimental requirements.

The Thixotropy of serum separating gel provides convenience and flexibility for biological experiments. It can effectively separate serum components, simplify the experimental process, and support the smooth progress of biological experiments and the reliability of results. But the premise for realizing these advantages is to ensure the reliable quality of serum separation gel.

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