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(N-neneneba morpholinyl) propane sulfonic acid is also called MOPS. As a biological buffer, it can stabilize the pH value of the solution without any other changes, and plays an important role in biological experiments. However, apart from professionals, many people still don't know what MOPS is used for? What are the advantages? Now, let's give you a specific introduction.

1Performance advantages of MOPS buffer

The performance of MOPS itself is based on the Zwitterion of Sulfamic acid, which provides a relatively stable pH gradient on the basis of serving as an amphoteric electrolyte. MOPS can control the pH in a narrower range, and has a stronger buffer capacity than a single buffer pair at the same concentration. Therefore, the use of MOPS can reduce the stress effect of configuration, and prepare for subsequent test tubes. Meanwhile, the same concentration of MOPS can reduce the cytotoxicity of the buffer compared to other buffer solutions, which is more conducive to the survival of gametes.

2Advantages of MOPS buffer application

MOPS has a wide range of applications, not only for cell culture media, but also for protein purification and various bacterial or mammalian cell culture media components. It is also a better choice for buffer solutions in the field of electrophoresis analysis. And because MOPS cannot form stable Chelation with most metal ions, it will be used as a non coordinated buffer when preparing metal ion solutions.

3MOPS produced by Desheng

As a professional manufacturer of MOPS, Desheng has stable performance and can provide high-quality MOPS according to customer applications, as well as special testing services. There is sufficient stock to ensure the timely delivery of the required goods, and there is no shortage of goods. At the same time, the price of MOPS produced by Desheng manufacturer is discounted, and there is no profit margin for intermediaries. Compared to other traders, it has a higher cost-effectiveness. In addition, when purchasing MOPS at Desheng, there is a professional team for after-sales service, which can provide effective solutions even if there are quality issues, so that customers have no worries at all.

Since its establishment in 2005, Desheng has been strictly monitoring product quality. It not only has an independent research and development team, but also has a dedicated quality department to strictly inspect the batches of products produced to ensure they meet the qualified standards. Once problems occur during testing, it is strictly prohibited from leaving the factory for sale. At present, the quality of the products we produce is highly praised by customers and sold overseas. We have established long-term cooperation with multiple enterprises. If you are interested in learning about MOPS, welcome to inquire!