Why does Carbomer have so many CAS numbers

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We must first know what carbomer is, and then pay attention to why it has so many CAS numbers, because the general products are corresponding to a CAS number, just like the ID card we use, then why is carbomer different? What about multiple identities with multiple CAS numbers?

Carbomer white, loose powder


This also depends on the characteristics of Carbomer products. Carbomer is a white, loose, slightly odorous powder with strong hygroscopicity. It is a cross-linked acrylic polymer with good gelation, tackiness, thickening, emulsifying, and helping Suspended and film-forming, and the chemical properties are stable and safe, without irritation and allergic reactions. Because it is a high-molecular polymer, different types of carbomer products are different; on the other hand, due to their good performance, they are widely used in various industries such as daily chemical, skin care, medicine, etc. The instructions are also different. As a result, its CAS number is more confusing in use.


Generally speaking, because there are too many types of polymer, the molecular structure and degree of polymerization are different, so many manufacturers directly use the cas number of their polymerized monomers. For example, many manufacturers of carbomers use the cas number of polyacrylic acid, which is 9003-01-4, so it also causes carbomer 940, carbomer 980 and other different products to use the same cas number.


On the other hand, some chemical products have more common names, and even a lot of non-standard names, which also leads to the confusion of names and cas numbers. For example, polyacrylic acid and polycarboxyvinyl are actually the same thing, and carboxyvinyl is another name for acrylic acid. Law, after all, many people who are engaged in this work are not professional backgrounds, and do not understand standard names or some non-standard common names.



This also leads to why carbomer has so many cas numbers, and each cas number is correct. But when we buy carbomer, we still need to choose the corresponding carbomer according to the products we produce. We can't just provide its cas number. In the research and development and production of Carbomer, Desheng Company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in order to ensure the quality of products, and strive to give each of our customers the best feedback and live up to their trust in us!