Usage and Advantages of Virus Transportation Media

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Liquid-based thin-layer cytology detection technology (TCT) has changed the previous Pap smear operation method. Specimens are taken out immediately after being taken into the virus transportation meida, and the cells in the meida are processed programmatically in a random observation room. Sampling to make a thin smear. This method avoids the phenomenon of cells left on the picker being discarded with the picker and excessive drying of the cells during the conventional Pap smear process. The wet nucleus have a clearer structure. Normal cells are easier to observe and identify, and can detect more low-grade lesions and some more serious lesions.

Usage of the virus transportation media:

1. Prepare reagents according to the content of components

2. Put the sample to be tested into the sample bottle containing the virus transportation meida to make it fully functional

3. Microscope observation after dyeing by manual operation or using a tablet machine.

Advantages of virus transportation media:

The traditional cytological examination method is the Pap smear method. The cells are largely lost during the smear process. The prepared smear cells overlap a lot, and the smear also contains a lot of impurities such as red blood cells, white blood cells, mucus, and necrotic tissue. , Making the reading of the results very difficult, and the high rate of false negatives will appear, greatly reducing the accuracy of the test results.


                                                                                                                   Virus transportation meida

  1. The virus transportation meida can effectively soften and decompose the mucus in the sample, the detection background is clear and clean, and the cell morphology is clearly observed.
  2. The lysis effect of red blood cells and white blood cells is good, which can effectively avoid interference with the observation results.
  3. The virus transportation media has long storage time and stable detection effect.
  4. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, no damage to the target cells, and no pretreatment steps, simple formula, easy operation, and low storage cost.

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