The relationship between acrylic resin and carbomer

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It has been almost four months since the occurrence of new coronary pneumonia. The whole country has been hit by the epidemic. All major industries have been swallowed by the epidemic, and Carbomer has stood out at this time. Carbomer is now a popular raw material in the market, but most buyers will encounter a common problem when looking for Carbomer. That is, when searching for carbomer, acrylic resin will appear, and their corresponding CAS No. are all 9003-01-4. What is the relationship between them? Is the Carbomer CAS No.9003-01-4 wrong?


Carbomer is also known as acrylic resin, polyacrylic acid, carbomer resin, carbopol or carboxy-polymethleme, or CP for short. The relationship between acrylic resin and carbomer can be regarded as the relationship of "lotus broken wire connection".

  1. Carbomer is a high-molecular polymer made by crosslinking acrylic acid with propylene sucrose or propylene pentaerythritol. Acrylic resin is a general term. Carbomer is acrylic resin.

     2. Carbomer is an excellent new medicinal auxiliary material, which is widely used in the research and production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. According to the different materials used in the polymerization and the degree of polymerization, the name will be different. The corresponding CAS number is correct.

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