Several aspects of Desheng that make new employees refreshing

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As a new employee, before entering Desheng, the understanding and recognition of him is an imagination in my mind. And when I personally entered this company, the image in my mind was so real and affectionate presented to me, making people feel refreshing.

The founder impressed people

Chairman Wang Zhongxi of the company resolutely resigned from the "golden rice bowl" state-owned enterprise among the population in the last century to pursue his dreams and embark on a path of private enterprises that has lasted for more than a decade. The sales during the day, the research at night, and the various difficulties encountered during the research never made him doubt his pursuit. He made his own contribution to vacuum blood collection in China. The craftsmanship spirit of our predecessors is worth learning from for our future generations. I have always believed that strong generals have no weak soldiers under them. Following such predecessors, we will definitely benefit greatly.

Professional team is admirable

The company has always attached great importance to product quality and has a professional research and development team led by highly educated technical researchers. Research engineers have been diligently exploring the path of updating products, and the R&D team is also working tirelessly for better products. Their efforts have yielded fruitful results, and the company's separation adhesive is constantly updating and iterating, enabling us to provide customers with higher quality and more reliable products.

Professional training is convincing

Every new employee entering the company must undergo a series of training. Each trainer is a veteran employee who has been working in the company for many years. They are experienced and easy to understand in imparting relevant knowledge and work experience to our new employees. This series of training has made us more familiar with our work content and workflow. Training is not only limited to when you first start working, but also includes monthly or even weekly arrangements to regularly update employee knowledge. This kind of training allows us to work more confidently and serve customers better.

Desheng makes new employees like me full of expectations. Looking forward to working together with the company in the future to progress, grow, and achieve mutual success.