Regarding the inspection steps and related indicators of coagulants

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Do Blood coagulant have irreplaceable effects on clinical biochemical, immune and other testing items? Let's understand the relevant knowledge of coagulants now!

【Coagulation process】

1. The formation of prothrombin activators,

2. The prothrombin activator, with the participation of calcium ions, converts prothrombin into active thrombin,

3. Soluble fibrinogen is converted into insoluble fibrinogen under the action of thrombin.

【Steps for using coagulants】

1. Add a coagulant solution, set the addition value with a liquid gun, and evenly apply it to the blood collection vessel.

2. Dry with a hair dryer, rolling while drying.

3. Cover the rubber stopper, draw a vacuum, and proceed with blood collection.

4. Perform coagulation tests.

5. Centrifuge on the machine.

6. Determine the result.

【 Inspection of coagulant indicators 】

Initial coagulation index: The fresh protein changes into fresh protein, which looks like jelly and has solidified but can be shaken and moved.

Deep coagulation time: Blood clots are clearly visible when shaking the blood collection vessel.

Complete coagulation: The blood clot is completely immobile when the blood collection vessel is shaken

On machine time: The centrifugal conditions are met for 8 minutes, with a speed of 3200r/min and a centrifugal force of 1830.

PH value: prepared into a solution for direct machine testing, and the pH value needs to be more prone to blood coagulation under neutral to alkaline conditions.

Result determination: In addition to determining whether the serum precipitation is transparent and whether there is hemolysis, the performance of the coagulant should also be comprehensively analyzed from aspects such as coagulation time, efficiency, and effect.

【Coagulant produced by Desheng】

1. Coagulant suspension agent, mainly composed of thrombin, alcohol, silica powder, emulsifier, surfactant, etc., is a suspended liquid. Apply evenly to the wall of the blood collection tube during use, and then dry it.

2. Efficient coagulation promoting powder is mainly composed of high polymer, coagulation factors, etc. When used, it needs to be mixed into a water or alcohol suspension, evenly applied to the wall of the blood collection tube, and then dried. Dry powder can also be used directly to promote coagulation, but attention should be paid to the amount used.

Desheng specializes in the research and production of coagulant suspensions and high-efficiency coagulant powders. Customers can choose different forms of coagulants according to their own needs. If you also need to purchase coagulants, please contact me so that cooperation can begin!