Is trimethylaminomethane alkaline

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Trihydroxymethylaminomethane is commonly referred to as tris buffer, which is a chemical reagent used to regulate and stabilize the pH value of experimental liquids. Many biochemical experiments, such as cell and electrophoresis experiments, require a stable pH environment. Therefore, buffer is essential, and different pH buffers need to be selected according to different experimental requirements.

Experimental Operations

The pH value of Tris aqueous solution is around 10.5. According to the standard for measuring the acidity and alkalinity of the solution, at a standard temperature (25 ℃) and pressure of 7, the solution is neutral; When the pH value is less than 7, the solution becomes acidic; When the pH value is greater than 7, the solution becomes alkaline. From this, it can be seen that tris is a weakly alkaline substance that has a certain corrosive effect on metals such as copper and aluminum. When storing, it is necessary to pay attention to classification and separation.

Tris powder

Tris is weakly alkaline, with a pka of 8.1 at 25 ℃. According to buffering theory, the effective buffering range of Tris buffer is between pH 7.0 and 9.2. Tris is a white crystalline powder substance that needs to be prepared into a solution with water and adjusted to the desired pH value by adding an appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid. It should be noted that the pka of tris is very sensitive to temperature changes.

So it seems that tris is a very tall reagent, but in fact, it is not. In addition to appearing in biochemical laboratories, it also appears in daily life. For example, when COVID-19 is rampant, the virus preservation solution we need for making nucleic acid has tris component; Miss Beauty's daily skincare products also include the addition of tris; After the new house is decorated, tris can also be used to adsorb formaldehyde, etc.

Tris is a high-purity reagent that varies slightly in purity according to the production methods of different manufacturers and processes on the market. Relevant tests have shown that Tris produced by Desheng can have a purity of over 99%, absorbance less than 0.05, good water solubility, stable process, and small batch differences. Therefore, it has gained recognition and praise from a large number of users. If you also need to purchase Tris buffer, please click on the official website to inquire or contact me.