Precautions for the preparation and storage time of heparin sodium

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Heparin sodium, as a natural anticoagulant, is efficiently used as an additive in blood collection and testing for pre-treatment of blood samples in clinical practice. At present, this operation is very mature and widely popularized. There is a large list on the internet about the use, introduction, composition, and differences from heparin lithium of heparin sodium, but the precautions for heparin sodium are rarely found. Xiao Dong will decrypt the precautions that need to be understood during the preparation and storage process using a quick question and answer method.

Is the weighing of heparin sodium solution calculated in mg during the preparation process?

Answer: Yes, but its weight needs to be accurate to one thousandth using an electronic balance. Pay attention to differentiation, the dosage unit of heparin sodium added in each ml of blood sample is calculated in IU, not mg

How to ensure the heparin concentration during the solution preparation process?

Answer: Add heparin sodium to a certain amount of deionized water. This capacity should leave some room for cleaning heparin sodium adhered to glass rod, beaker and other appliances with ionized water, so as not to dilute heparin concentration.

3. Is everything okay once the solution is prepared?

Answer: No. After the preparation of one solution, the weight of heparin sodium and the volume of volumetric flask and other key factors will be carefully checked again, and the effective content of heparin will be recalculated until the relevant operators confirm that there is no error.

4. Is the prepared solution directly put into the blood collection vessel and blood sample for use?

Answer: Not really. The prepared heparin sodium solution needs to be dried before being placed into the blood collection vessel. When using different drying methods, the drying temperature needs to be controlled between 50-80 degrees; The drying time is approximately 10-300 seconds.

5. Does sodium heparin solution only need to be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place?

Answer: No. The above are the basic conditions. Heparin sodium aqueous solution should be sealed and stored in a sterile state at 0-4 ° C, with a maximum shelf life of no more than seven days. In general, it is recommended to prepare and use as needed, and not to store in solution for a long time.

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