Is it really important to promote the market of VD raw material enterprises?

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At present, domestic IVD raw material enterprises are developing rapidly, from immune raw material enterprises, molecular raw material enterprises, to biochemical raw material enterprises, with countless companies of all sizes. However, since the end of the epidemic, the overall market activity has not been high, and customer order volume has also decreased beyond imagination. Against the backdrop of a large number of enterprises and fierce competition, how can IVD raw material companies stand out? Desheng will give everyone a detailed explanation based on this situation.

Firstly, based on the current market situation, the strategy that most IVD companies come up with is to add new products and improve product performance. This idea has great prospects in the early market and can be described as a "tailored solution". But looking at the current proliferation and homogenization of most raw material products, what is truly lacking is not the product, but an urgent need for market promotion ability.

Some people may say that many domestic raw material companies have made great efforts to promote, but this is only limited to some large enterprises, and some small companies may not have entered the promotion door at all. Even during the epidemic, some suppliers made a lot of money from promotion, but when the epidemic disappeared, they also disappeared, leaving behind strong suppliers. So, under normal market conditions, how to promote products is the absolute principle.

Many raw material enterprises lack promotion methods, mainly limited to participating in exhibitions and mass publishing, and rarely see investment in promotional media or professional technical video lectures. Usually, selling to obtain customer sources also involves knocking on doors one by one, which is already lagging behind in the current market.

In addition, among the leading raw material enterprises, especially the companies that have grown up after COVID-19, no matter whether they are listed or not, they need neither funds nor products, so they must focus on strengthening market promotion. If we continue to rely on passive mass posting or visits to obtain customer flow, it is really a drop in the bucket. It is better to learn from some mature raw material enterprises to promote. In addition to establishing mature sales teams, we also establish separate departments such as the promotion department, foreign trade department, and technical service department. We can obtain customer sources both online and offline, with multiple platforms and departments cooperating. This not only provides customers with a complete service experience, but also achieves performance growth, You can get more with one move.

As a rising IVD raw material company after COVID-19, Desheng has never been lax in market promotion. At the same time, it has set up a number of departments to assist in promotion, so it has become the "leader" in the promotion of the industry and achieved effective growth in performance. Moreover, due to the complete range and stable performance of products such as blood collection additives and biological buffering agents, they are also the first manufacturers considered by the public. If you are interested, welcome to consult!