High performance serum separating gel with a specific gravity of 1.045-1.050g/cm3

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High performance serum separating gel, as a polymer with a pure appearance and color, can appear milky white, transparent or opaque. It is widely used in vacuum test tubes because it can effectively separate serum and blood clots. Compared to other acrylic type separators, high-performance resin separators have better hydrophobicity and can coexist with multiple reagents in test tubes without generating reactions. Of course, these are just one aspect, and one of the more important indicators is its proportion, which is even more accurate to 1.045-1.050g/cm3. Below, we will focus on discussing the issue of proportion in detail with everyone.

1、 The Importance of Specific Gravity

As a key indicator of high-performance serum separating gel, specific gravity directly affects the separation effect of blood clots and serum. If there is poor separation between blood clots and serum, it is mostly caused by inaccurate specific gravity. Therefore, it can determine whether the test results are abnormal, and everyone must pay attention to it.

(High performance serum separating gel)

2、 Unstable control of specific gravity

Although many manufacturers are producing and selling separation adhesives, whether they are acrylic or resin systems, it is difficult to control the specific gravity during the production process. The conventional specific gravity may be between 1.045 and 1.065g/cm3, but the high-performance serum separating gel produced by Desheng recently has a specific gravity controlled between 1.045 and 1.050g/cm3, which can play a very stable role.

3、 The role of specific gravity in test tubes

After centrifugation in a separation tube, blood is generally divided into three layers. The top layer is a light yellow serum liquid with a specific gravity between 1.02 and 1.03, and the bottom layer is a red blood clot with a specific gravity between 1.08 and 1.09. Through comparison, it can be seen that the specific gravity of blood clots is much higher than that of serum, while the specific gravity of high-performance resin separation gel is between 1.045 and 1.050g/cm3, which is exactly between the two. The serum blood clots are divided into two layers through centrifugation.

The quality of the separation adhesive directly determines the separation effect, so choosing a high-performance serum separating gel is not only helpful for manufacturing finished products, but also conducive to the accuracy of experimental detection and improving efficiency. In addition, during the transportation and transmission of blood samples, it can ensure the stability of the blood, which is also a comprehensive guarantee for users.

As a professional manufacturer of serum separation gel, Desheng has been continuously exploring and breaking through in the performance of separation gel since its establishment, and has been closely following market demand. After four generations of improvement, today's high-performance serum separating gel has once again been improved and improved, surpassing in terms of specific gravity, hydrolysis resistance, and phase separation reaction. If you have any related needs, please click on the website for consultation!