I only found out after adding a friend from Desheng that the price of serum separation gel in the factory is so low!

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In recent years, there have been more and more manufacturers selling serum separation gel on the market, and as a necessary reagent in vacuum tubes, it has also received special attention from the medical field. So, driven by the market environment, its prices have been fluctuating, which has left many downstream buyers confused and unable to find cost-effective separation adhesive manufacturers to cooperate with. But not being able to find does not mean not having it, so in order to address the concerns of buyers, we will focus on recommending a cost-effective manufacturer.

The manufacturer I want to recommend here is Desheng, why recommend it? It is because many customers have recently reported that "by adding the WeChat account of our company's employees, we learned that our separation adhesive prices and quality are superior to other separation adhesive products." The high praise received also indicates that Desheng's separation adhesive prices are indeed satisfactory to customers. So what is the price? Actually, we cannot provide an exact answer at present because the low price of Desheng's separation adhesive is usually related to multiple factors:

1、 Factory self-produced and self sold

Actually, industry insiders who know Desheng know that it is a factory, not an agent. The advantage of a factory is that it has production equipment and a research and development team, and produces and sells itself. At the same time, in order to maintain stable shipments and long-term development, the factory will focus on accumulating a good image and reputation, ensuring customer satisfaction. Therefore, the price will be cheaper than other agents, and even provide a certain margin of profit.

2、 Customer order quantity

Due to the large and small number of users purchasing serum separation gel, just like the supply of ton and kilogram grade products, the prices are definitely different. Generally, the low price is due to a large order quantity, which not only makes it more advantageous for customers to negotiate prices, but also improves the production efficiency of the factory. Although Desheng also supplies small quantities of goods, they are mostly negotiated based on quantity. When consulting, you can first express your order needs clearly.

3、 Production process

There is a high demand for serum separation gel, and some manufacturers intentionally increase prices by lengthening the production process steps. This way, when informing customers, they will emphasize the process and make them pay for it. But Desheng has its own research and development team, and to ensure the research and development results and production progress, the production process is precise and simple, so there will be no price changes.

The reason for the low price of Desheng separation adhesive mainly depends on the above three aspects, so there will not be a fixed price for customers. However, overall, it is an ideal manufacturer worth choosing. Because it is controlled by professionals in terms of quality, price, and service, and can be used to protect one's own rights. If you have any related needs, please feel free to call us for consultation and purchase!