Preparation of low melting point agarose gel with biological buffer TAE

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Biological buffer TAE is a buffer containing a mixture of Tris base, acetic acid, and EDTA. In molecular biology, it is commonly used in agarose electrophoresis. Today's lecture on low melting point agarose is about the preparation and sequencing of gel agarose for PCR and restriction enzyme linking. As a buffer, TAE mainly plays a role in stabilizing the PH value. The preparation method of this low melting point agarose gel will be introduced below.

Biological buffer TAE

1、 Materials

TAE buffer, agarose powder, beaker, stirring rod, microwave oven

2、 Method Steps

1. Slowly add low melting point agarose powder to TAE buffer, and this process requires rapid stirring to avoid clumping;

Note: The buffer solution should be cooled to better disperse agarose powder.

Let the agar sugar powder hydrate in the solution for a few minutes - this can dissolve faster and reduce foam;

3. Heat the dissolved solution in a microwave oven, paying attention to adjusting the time and power settings according to your microwave output intensity;

4. Boil the solution until it is sufficient to affect the total solubility, and check for any fish eye like powder that has not been completely dissolved;

Note: Excessive boiling will cause hydrolysis of agarose and reduce the strength of gel.

5. Take it out of the microwave oven, cool it to 60 ° C, and carefully pour it into the gel box for cooling to prevent bubbles from forming;

Note: After pouring, let the gel cool slowly. If it cools quickly, it will cause errors in the irregular electrophoresis of gel.

6. After the gel is solidified, the buffer solution is injected to obtain the finished low melting point agarose gel.

The finished low melting point agarose gel prepared by this method can be refrigerated for several days, and can be remelted and solidified repeatedly without damage. You can produce finished products in one go according to your own needs and use them in batches.

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