How to determine tris hydrochloride? Here comes the super detailed steps

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Tris hydrochloride, as a necessary solution in biochemical experiments, is often used to prepare various buffering agents due to its simple preparation, high purity, good buffering system, and providing a suitable pH environment for protein survival. Although there are many suppliers of tris hydrochloride in the market, there are not many who truly meet the quality standards. Therefore, in order to know whether the products you purchase are of good quality, you need to learn how to measure them. How should you measure them?

1Appearance measurement

Usually, the finished product produced by tris hydrochloride is white powder, and its appearance can be observed with the naked eye to see if it contains impurities. If it is not clean and rough, it must be carefully selected.

2Content determination

Prepare a titration analysis instrument and sodium hydroxide titration solution. First, accurately weigh the tris hydrochloride sample powder, then dissolve it in water. Titrate with sodium hydroxide solution, using a glass composite membrane electrode as the indicator electrode, and titrate to the endpoint to obtain the results. Generally, the analytical purity requirement is 99%.

3Determination of solubility

Weigh an appropriate amount of sample powder and pour it into a conical flask. Add purified water and gently shake to dissolve. Under natural light, observe with the naked eye whether the liquid is clear and transparent, and whether there are any impurities or unknown substances.

4PH measurement

Prepare the pH measuring instrument, preheat it for a few minutes, then adjust the zero point and temperature compensation, and select the standard buffer solution close to the pH value of the sample for measurement. First, weigh an appropriate amount of tris hydrochloride sample powder, then dissolve it in pure water and shake well. Immerse the electrode in the solution, gently shake, and wait for stability before reading.

5Determination of UV absorbance

Prepare ultraviolet spectrophotometer, accurately weigh tris hydrochloride powder, pour it into a volumetric flask, add purified water to dissolve it to a constant volume, prepare a solution, use a cuvette to measure with ultraviolet spectrophotometer under different wavelength conditions, use pure water as a reference, analyze and record the absorbance results.

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