Carbomer 940 effects on the skin

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For many people, especially female friends, skin problems have always been very concerned. Many skin external medicines contain a special ingredient-carbomer 940, although this professional term we sound very strange , But its application to the skin is very extensive, the main reason is that the gel made by carbomer 940 has many advantages for the skin.

Some experts prepared allantoin gel with 1.5% carbomer 940 for the treatment of skin diseases such as dry skin and psoriasis. Clinical results show that the gel has good compatibility with the skin, lasts for a long time, and does not feel greasy when rubbed on the skin. Amin and other experts used 1% carbomer 940 prepared erythromycin gel to treat acne. The results showed that the number of acne and the diameter of the base were significantly reduced.

The gel for ultrasound diagnosis developed with carbomer 940 as the main matrix has the advantages of non-irritating to human skin, not damaging the probe, non-staining clothing, spreading and lubricating, suitable viscosity and stable preparation. It has been confirmed by clinical use. Various quality indicators have reached the predetermined effect. In addition, ketoprofen formulations were prepared with 4 different bases, and it was found that the drug was released fastest from the carbomer gel, and the release rate was in the order of carbomer gel> hydrophilic ointment> cold cream> white petrolatum , Suggesting that carbomer has a certain role in promoting the transdermal absorption of drugs.

Desheng is a manufacturer specializing in the production and development of carbomer 940. Since the products were launched, there have been more than 100 cooperative enterprises. So many enterprises choose to cooperate with Desheng, which indicates that our products are of better quality than other manufacturers. The carbomer 940 produced is a gel matrix made of a material that has the characteristics of a water-soluble matrix. The drug is released quickly, non-greasy, easy to spread, non-irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, can be mixed with an aqueous solution and can absorb tissue penetration The effluent is conducive to the elimination of secretions. Compared with petroleum jelly and cream base, carbomer 940 gel base has the advantages of simple operation, stable quality and no need of open flame heating, etc. It is especially suitable for the preparation of volatile, poor thermal stability and clinical emergency medicine. Welcome all the manufacturers in need to choose to cooperate with Desheng.