The advantages of Carbomer 980 and its usage

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Carbomer has several names called carbomer, carbopol or carboxylene, or CP for short. It is a high-molecular polymer made by crosslinking acrylic acid with propylene sucrose or propylene pentaerythritol. This product is a white, loose, slightly odorous powder, with strong hygroscopicity, with an average moisture content of 8%, so this product needs to be placed in a dry and ventilated warehouse, and if necessary, dehumidification. It is necessary to use a well-sealed container device, and personnel need to wear gloves and masks when accessing.


Carbomer advantages: Carbomer has good gel, adhesion, thickening, emulsifying, suspending and film forming properties, and its chemical properties are stable and safe, without irritation and allergic reactions. Salt electrolytes can reduce the viscosity of carbomer gel. Alkaline earth metal ions and polymers can be combined with them to form insoluble salts. Strong acids can also make carbomer lose its viscosity. This is its advantage and preferred reason

Carbomer 980


1. Carbomer is a kind of cross-linked acrylic polymer that swells with water and a small amount of neutralizer (such as neutralizer and neutralizer 2) is added to form a highly transparent gel. Different types of carbomer represent different viscosity, known as short rheology or long rheology, such as: carbomer 940 has short rheological properties, at 0.5% viscosity reaches 63000MPA.S, suitable for high viscosity products, carbomer 941 has long rheological properties, in 0.5% viscosity reaches 7500MPA.S Suitable for low viscosity products, the corresponding models of carbomer have ion resistance and ion resistance performance, commonly used in daily chemical industrial products.

 2. The method of dissolving carbomer

    a: Pre-soaking method: 24 hours in advance, first add the carbomer according to the actual production requirements to dissolve in deionized water, without stirring, after the carbomer naturally absorbs water, there is no white powder on the surface and the solution is not visible White agglomerates shall prevail, stir well, and then add neutralizer (Carbomer: Neutralizer = 1: 1, Carbomer: 5% Neutralizer Solution = 1.4.5) Adjust pH value around 7 to increase In a thick state, use a round tool or a disperser to mix evenly at low speed.

    b: Homogenizer: Add to the homogenizer according to the actual production ratio, homogenize, and no white balls can be seen. After adding the neutralizer to form a gel, use a vacuum emulsifier to remove the air from the gel.

    c: If it is dissolved by common methods, carbomer can not be stirred in water. For example, one-side addition-stirring will cause carbomer to form a white water ball. The surface has absorbed water, and there is no water inside. After neutralization, it can be stirred. Seeing many white spots in the water, and forming a large number of bubbles, the carbomer viscosity is high, and the bubbles are difficult to eliminate on their own. Even if the defoamer is added, it is difficult to eliminate, in this case, the bubble can only be eliminated by using a vacuum pot.


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