The relationship between enzyme preparations, new Trinder's reagents, and Good's buffer

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There are many principles of in vitro diagnostic kits, and the most common one is a diagnostic kit based on the Trinder reaction principle (also known as enzyme method), which can be used for the detection of uric acid, creatinine, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. in blood tests. This diagnostic kit typically includes important components such as enzymes, New Trinder's reagents, and Good's buffer.

By adding the new Trinder's reagent to the test substance, a color reaction occurs, and the value of the test item is calculated through absorbance measurement. For example, the values of blood sugar and uric acid in serum. The new Trinder's reagent has the advantages of high water solubility, UV absorption of color reaction products>540nm, wide pH range requirements for color reactions, and high sensitivity for color reactions.

The use of enzyme preparations in the Trinder reaction is due to the presence of too many substances in the serum, and the specificity of enzyme preparations. For example, adding glucose oxidase will only catalyze the oxidation of blood sugar to generate hydrogen peroxide, without catalyzing the oxidation of uric acid and other substances present in the serum, ensuring the accuracy of the detection results as much as possible. However, pH value has a significant impact on enzyme activity, and each enzyme has its own high activity pH range. At this point, Good's buffer is needed to adjust the pH value.

Different Good's buffers can provide suitable buffer intervals for different enzymes. Good's buffer has the advantages of high water solubility, bottom cell membrane permeability, stable acid-base dissociation constant, low metal chelating ability, high chemical stability, etc. In summary, enzyme preparations, new Trinder's reagents, and Good's buffer complement each other in the diagnostic kit, making corresponding contributions to the precise detection of diseases.

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