The formation process of serum separation gel bubbles and how to eliminate them

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There are various manufacturers selling serum separation gel in the market today. Various manufacturers are advocating that their separation adhesives are superior to their peers and enjoy industry reputation. But when it comes to how to choose the separation adhesive and how to judge its quality, everyone has similar opinions. One of the measurements is the bubbles inside the colloid. In general, colloids with fewer bubbles are more popular in the market. But why do bubbles occur; How to reduce bubbles during the process of bubble generation?

Firstly, we need to clearly recognize that it is almost impossible to achieve Virgo's 100% idealism by completely eliminating bubbles within the gel. In the process of making glue, due to the raw material components of the colloid itself or some additives used in combination, which naturally contain water or volatile components, bubbles will naturally occur during the vacuum process due to the difference in internal and external pressure. But this type of bubble will not affect our blood test results.

When we inject the gel into the bottom of the test tube with the help of a machine, air will also quietly sneak into the tube. This type of bubble was difficult to detect at the time, but during the vacuum pumping process, the bubble would expand more and more, giving people the illusion that new bubbles were generated. Bubbles also want to apologize, I have always been there and have never left. Finally, improper irradiation sterilization operation caused bubbles. During the irradiation sterilization process, a large amount of heat is released. Once the irradiation amount is too large, it is difficult to dissipate these heat for a while, which can cause bubbling.

So how do we let the bubbles escape? Due to the process operation, it is necessary to strictly follow relevant rules in each process as much as possible to reduce the generation of bubbles at the source. After adding glue, it is recommended to let it stand for 8-12 hours and wait for some air to be discharged. If there are still many bubbles, centrifugation will be performed at this time. However, the setting of centrifugal force and centrifugal time depends on the number and size of bubbles.

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