New product preheating! Desheng high-performance resin separation adhesive has hit the market

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Nowadays, the market has increasingly high requirements for the performance indicators of serum separation gel. Desheng has carried out further process research and development based on customer feedback regarding issues such as placement flippability, oil separation, and high viscosity. Through unremitting efforts among various departments, in January 2023, a separation adhesive with excellent performance and stability was finally developed, and the appearance of the product is also significantly higher than other similar products. The following is an introduction to the advantages of the new high-performance resin separation adhesive, so that everyone can better understand and purchase it.

1、 Performance of high-performance resin separation adhesive

1. Appearance: milky white opaque or translucent colloid or light yellow opaque

2. Specific gravity: 1.045-1.050g/cm ³ between

3. Viscosity: 140000-180000mPa · s

4. Flow degree: 60 ℃, flat flow ≤ 5mm, 25 ℃, flat flow ≤ 2mm

5. Drift oil and oil droplets: no oil droplet like substances precipitated from high-performance resin separation adhesive at 1.035g/cm3 and in the whole blood test

6. Thixotropy: When the centrifugal force reaches 1200g, it can be overturned, and when it is less than 1200g, it can achieve a better effect than other separation adhesives

2、 Advantages of high-performance resin separation adhesive

1. Better phase separation performance

Through phase separation experiments, different types of separation adhesives are added to different test tubes, and placed upside down after centrifugation. Compared to other separation adhesives, high-performance resin separation adhesives have better colloidal stability and no oil separation phenomenon.

2. Better solvent compatibility

Adding separation gel and other reagents to different test tubes for experiments has shown that high-performance resin separation gel has better solvent compatibility. In addition to better tolerance to commonly used blood collection additives, it also has compatibility with alcohol organic reagents such as ethanol and isopropanol.

3. Excellent radiation resistance

After adding separation gel to the test tube, all bubbles are discharged and irradiated at a dose of 25 KGy. The specific gravity, viscosity, appearance, and turnover indicators of the product before and after irradiation are tested, indicating that all performance indicators are stable and there are no bubbles after irradiation, which is superior to other brands of separation gel.

4. Increased gluing efficiency

The gluing efficiency is usually closely related to viscosity, with a viscosity of 140000-180000 mPa · s. Compared to other separation adhesives, high-performance resin separation adhesives have higher gluing efficiency at room temperature and low temperature, and the gluing efficiency at high temperature is comparable to imported separation adhesive brands.

The new generation of high-performance resin separation adhesives developed by Desheng have unique advantages over other separation adhesives in terms of appearance and performance. Currently, new products are on sale at a discounted price, and sample testing can be provided. Interested parties are welcome to click on the website for details!