To purchase 3 - (cyclohexylamine) - 1-propanesulfonic acid (CAPS), you can choose

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Recently, there has been a large amount of information about purchasing 3 - (cyclohexylamine) - 1-propanesulfonic acid online, and there has been a constant stream of competition among various businesses. This also means that buyers need to have a clear mind and discernment ability. "Because the increase in quantity does not mean excellent quality, many people have spent a lot of money, only to find that they have not purchased products with guaranteed quality.". So today, let's focus on popularizing the areas that need attention during the purchase process.

1、 Select CAPS with acceptable purity

In fact, the key point in the performance of buffer is its purity. During the purchase period, it is necessary to focus on whether the purity reaches above 99%, which is also a common market requirement. "If you are far away from this value and not at the analytical level, you must be careful in your selection. The price may be low, but the quality may not be up to standard. There are many problems with using it, and the gains outweigh the losses.".

2、 Select CAPS with absorbance up to standard

In the eyes of most buyers, absorbance may be a negligible item, which is not considered to have much reference value, but it is also an important factor determining the quality. If used in an experimental project as a buffer, an absorbance value below 0.1% is generally acceptable. When purchasing, you can ask each manufacturer what their absorbance is, which also serves as a basis for your own judgment and gives you more confidence in choosing.

3、 Select CAPS with pure appearance and crystal properties

The appearance of CAPS sold by most manufacturers on the market is white crystal powder, similar to particles of the same size as salt. When purchasing, it can be seen at a glance whether the CAPS meets the standard, because the particle size of CAPS is uniform and whether the color change is immediately in sight. Generally, CAPS with good quality have small, round and uniform particles, and are not lumpy in size. If the product cannot be contacted, you can first ask the manufacturer to provide samples, and then conduct batch procurement after everything meets the requirements, which can also ensure safe use.

The three points mentioned above are all related to the performance of CAPS. When purchasing, it is important to pay attention to them, which can be a good way to avoid inferior products and avoid headaches when choosing. Due to the differences in demand and usage of each purchaser, it is recommended that everyone should have a basic understanding of product knowledge during consultation, so that communication can be smoother.

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