Understand these four points to let coagulant accelerator better effect

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When using blood collection vessels containing coagulant accelerator for blood testing projects, the first thing to ensure is complete coagulation of the blood sample. So, what are the specific factors that can affect the effectiveness of coagulants?

Coagulant accelerator

1. Coagulation speed:

The mechanism of blood coagulation is a process in which a series of coagulation factors are successively activated and eventually form fibrin clots. When preparing vacuum blood collection vessels and selecting coagulants with too fast coagulation speed, fibrin will contract too quickly, causing fragile red blood cells to disintegrate and causing mild hemolysis. Therefore, the coagulation speed will directly affect the effect of coagulation promotion.

2. Coagulation temperature:

The natural coagulation of blood is related to temperature. Blood can coagulate in a glass test tube in a 37 ° water bath for 30 minutes. It should be noted that when the blood is centrifuged without complete coagulation, it is easy to form fibrin gel like coagulation or fibrin filaments that are smaller than the specific gravity of the blood clot. If you directly use the machine at this time, it can cause blockage of the automatic analysis blood collection needle.

3. Dosage of coagulant:

The amount of coagulant used should be appropriate. Uneven spraying of coagulant on the wall of the blood collection tube or the use of water-soluble coagulants that have been stored for too long can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the coagulant and prolong the clotting time. At this time, centrifugation can lead to the precipitation of fibrin.

4. Whether the operation is standardized:

During the preparation of vacuum blood collection with coagulant promoting agent, the coagulant should be quantitatively sprayed and dried at a temperature less than 45 ° C; If the temperature is higher than 50 ℃, the effectiveness of the coagulant may decrease. The coagulant accelerator prepared with distilled water or anhydrous ethanol shall be subject to standard quality management, and the coagulant accelerator shall be quantitatively sprayed. In addition, after vacuum blood collection with coagulant and blood sample extraction, it is necessary to ensure that the blood and coagulant are fully mixed to prevent incomplete coagulation.

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