What is the role of luminescent reagents in antigen-antibody detection

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With the development of testing technology, antigen-antibody has become a universal means of diagnosis, which can be used for both health prevention and disease diagnosis. Chemiluminescence reagents, as the substances needed in antigen and antibody, also play an important role, such as acridine ester and luminol, which are indispensable reagents in immunoassay. Next, we will specifically analyze the role of luminescent reagents in antigens.

Antigen-antibody generally refers to special proteins with immune function and substances that cause antibody specific immunity. Just like the popular nucleic acid detection antigen sold in the past few days, it is mainly aimed at multiple structural proteins of virus genes, and these proteins contain multiple antigen epitopes, which can indirectly prove whether the human body is infected by the principle of specific combination of antigen and antibody.

And what role does chemiluminescent reagent play? It mainly plays the role of combining chemiluminescence technology with immunoassay, and then uses the specific combination of antigen and antibody to detect. As a simple indicator or marker, the luminescent reagent is similar to other enzyme-linked, colloidal gold and immunofluorescence in principle, but different from the marker or indicator.

Speaking of the role of luminescent reagents in antigen detection, it can make the operation simple and convenient. The automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer can be used to complete the detection without too much manual operation. It has high sensitivity, short detection time and avoids cross infection during the operation. In the same environment as antigen and antibody, there will be no other adverse effects, which can ensure the accuracy of the results. However, it should be noted that the luminescent reagent should be used together with the antigen and antibody specifically prepared and recombined, and the generation and disappearance of the antibody is a dynamic process, and a reasonable sampling time is also important.

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