Blood coagulant- "treasure reagent" in clinical blood testing

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With the prevalence of people staying up late and under great pressure, various diseases begin to appear, especially some blood diseases and liver diseases, which are becoming younger and younger, and various medical institutions will also judge the changes of diseases through blood sampling. However, the main means to obtain effective samples in the early stage is to place the blood samples for a few hours after collecting them, and then centrifuge them after the blood is fully coagulated, which limits the detection speed and makes it difficult to meet the requirements, so the Blood coagulant was born later.

At present, the equipment for collecting blood samples in most hospitals is a closed disposable test tube, which is made of glass and plastic. In general, the storage time of blood samples after collection is 2-35 ℃, and it takes a long time to solidify. The glass tube needs about 1 hour to solidify, and the plastic tube needs about 2 hours.

However, rapid and accurate biochemical experiments are needed in clinical practice. If the samples are not processed, it is difficult to meet the requirements in time. Especially in clinical emergency, the rapid and accurate detection results must rely on coagulant to achieve.

Although the early method to promote blood coagulation is to add white clay, cephalin and other substances after the sample is collected, with the progress of clinical experimental detection methods, the use of coagulant and fully automated analytical instruments for diagnosis not only improves the overall detection efficiency, ensures the accuracy of the detection results, but also shortens the waiting time of patients.

The clinical advantages of coagulant are obvious, but the quality of coagulant selection should also be fully considered, which can be judged from its time, efficiency and influence on essential components of blood. The performance of the coagulant can be tested before use. First, the appearance of the coagulant can be observed with the naked eye to see whether there are impurities, and then it can be measured according to the speed of the coagulant promotion time and whether it reacts with the blood.

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