TBS of biological buffer

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The emergence of biological buffer not only accelerates the process of major experimental research, but also promotes the accuracy of analysis results to a certain extent. For example, the commonly used Trihydroxymethyl aminomethane(tris) is more popular in the market. It can not only be used directly as a buffer solvent, but also be used to prepare other buffer solutions, such as adding sodium chloride or other salts to prepare TBS. This kind of buffer salt solution is increasingly used. So let's introduce TBS to you in detail to better understand the use of TBS.

1TBS buffer

In fact, TBS is also Tris-HCl buffer saline. In addition to the buffer, sodium chloride or other kinds of salt are sometimes added to the solution. The action of TBS buffer solution is similar to that of other phosphate series buffers. Both can respond to the PH value of the external reaction system according to their own performance to fully ensure the stability of the solution.

2TBS buffer raw material

The raw material of TBS buffer solution is Tris, and sometimes PBS is also made. Although it can be used as a solvent to dissolve some protein preparations in the past, it has been used for many times. However, because it is easy to precipitate with metal ions such as calcium and magnesium, it has not been used in a large area since then. Tris or TBS made from Tris raw materials are generally used, which will not precipitate with other metal substances and can also ensure the research process.

3TBS buffer effect

TBS buffer solution can dilute general active biological agents, such as diluting serum, and it can balance and adjust the appropriate pH range and salt balance. However, the general buffer solvent does not have the function of salt balance, and even destroys the structure and biological characteristics of protein, so TBS becomes a very ideal buffer solution, and sometimes detergent or other components can be added to better maintain the integrity of active substances such as protein.

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