Production process of EDTA potassium salt

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EDTA potassium salt is prepared through multi-step delicate operation, and is a chemical product with strict requirements in various experimental studies. Its application is also very extensive. In addition to being widely used in vacuum blood collection, it can also be used in many fields such as deodorant, complexing agent in liquid phase analysis and preparation of metal polishing agent. The application field is so extensive, but many people still do not know its production process, so next we will introduce the production process of EDTA potassium salt specifically for later use.

1、 Feeding

The feeding process is usually divided into three steps. First, the solvent is put into the mixer, and then the temperature is controlled in the mixer. The temperature is set at 110 ℃. When the mother liquor temperature rises to 35 ℃, the raw materials will be added frequently and continuously during this period, and the interval between each feeding is 2-5 minutes. Turn off the heating device when the temperature rises to 70 ℃ after several times of adding. After the solution is clarified, use a hydrometer to check whether it meets the requirements.

2、 Adjust PH and density

When adjusting the PH range, 10 ml of reaction solution can be used, and then pure water can be added to 50 ml, placed and cooled to 25 ℃, and the measurement shall be carried out, and the range shall be between 4.6 and 4.9. Density adjustment is to put the densimeter directly into the reaction solution, read the density according to the data, and ensure that the density is between 1.400-1.420. If it is not within this range, add appropriate amount of pure water or raw materials for adjustment.

3、 Filtration concentration

After the PH value and density of EDTA dipotassium are adjusted to be qualified, it is necessary to use half-frame filtration. Pay attention to the temperature control during the concentration process. After the filtration and concentration are completed, the next step can be directly carried out.

4、 Crystallization

Put the reaction drum in the crystallization area and put it still. The bottom needs to be padded with wood. Generally, when the production environment temperature is high in summer, it can be cooled. Pay attention to strictly control the crystallization time, which is not easy to exceed 5 days, otherwise there will be impurity precipitation, which may be wrapped into the crystal, contaminating the crystal and affecting the product quality.

5、 Dry crushing

After crystallization, break the crystal and put it into the drying oven. Pay attention to temperature control and the number of turns. Turn it at least 2-3 times a day, with an interval of 5-6 hours. If you encounter a large crystal, you must break it and turn it to avoid yellowing due to heat for a long time. After the material is dried, it is crushed. The first crushing does not need to add a filter. After crushing, it is put into the oven for drying for 24 hours, and it is turned 1-2 times in the middle. After 24 hours, it is crushed again to get the finished product.

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