What is the advantage of Desheng anti-irradiation separation gel?

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When we carefully observe the bottom of the blood collection vessel when we take blood in the hospital, we will find that there is a layer of transparent colloid, that is, anti-irradiation separation gel. It can quickly separate serum and plasma, and obtain high-quality serum. It is mostly used for clinical blood detection to improve efficiency. However, not all anti-irradiation separators can play a perfect separation role, which is closely related to the manufacturer's production process and product quality. The anti-irradiation separation adhesive produced by Desheng has gradually occupied a "seat" in the market and is very popular. What is the advantage of it?

1Simple composition, more stable performance

The components of traditional anti-irradiation separation gel are complex, and the manufacturing process is more complicated, which will lead to unstable product performance and easy to change. The separation gel produced by Desheng has simple components, mainly including polyacrylic acid and resin, and is made of hydrophobic material, with strong inertia, which is not easy to react with other substances in performance, and will not affect the stability of the serum, and maintain its original properties, so as to prepare high-quality serum and blood samples, which are suitable for long-term blood storage and transportation.

2Accurate specific gravity and good viscosity

Anti-irradiation separation gel not only pays attention to the composition, but also has requirements on thixotropy, specific gravity and viscosity. The specific gravity of Desheng anti-irradiation separation gel will be between serum and blood cells, neither higher than plasma nor lower than serum, so that it can be well separated. The viscosity should be between 100000 and 300000 kPa, so that it can not flow easily. However, it should be noted that the ambient temperature will affect the viscosity. The viscosity will increase when the temperature is low, and it is difficult to add it to the vacuum blood collection vessel. Therefore, it is necessary to use water bath to raise the temperature.

3Will not flow, easy to centrifuge

After the anti-irradiation separation gel is added to the test tube, it needs to undergo more than 20 consecutive days of inverted experiment under vacuum. Desheng will hardly flow during the whole experiment to ensure the normal use of the blood collection vessel.

4High temperature resistance to irradiation

The separation gel produced by Desheng is radiation resistant. Compared with non-radiation resistant, it is not easy to age. Generally, it will be sterilized by cobalt 60 irradiation, which can better preserve the sample in the vacuum blood collection vessel from being contaminated by other bacteria and ensure the accuracy of detection.

Desheng strictly requires the key values of the anti-irradiation separation gel. All the data are verified step by step through experiments, and are not fabricated out of thin air. It is equipped with a professional research and development team to discuss and study each data, and even if there is a problem, it is also solved in one step. If you have relevant requirements, please click the website for consultation!