Chemiluminescence reagent Luminol is used to detect the pathological changes of inflammation

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Luminol is a stable organic compound synthesized artificially and belongs to chemiluminescence reagent. It may not be very impressive to introduce it in this way, but when it comes to Lumino's pursuit of murder, I believe that this topic is familiar to everyone. Lumino can detect blood that cannot be observed by the naked eye at the crime scene, so that the extremely small amount of blood can produce occult blood reaction, so that the hidden blood can be traced. In addition, it also plays a very important role in vitro diagnostic reagents.

Luminol powder

Today, we are going to talk about the use of luminol in vitro diagnostic reagents to detect the pathological changes of inflammation. In the field of disease diagnosis, luminol can realize the bioluminescence imaging of inflammation through the luminous reaction of myeloperoxidase in the inflammatory pathological region, which is of great significance for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases, atherosclerosis, cancer and other diseases.

It is understood that the MPO reaction between luminol and neutrophils and macrophages in the inflammatory site can produce λ The max is 425 nm blue light, but because of the short wavelength of the emitted light, this detection can only be used for the imaging of epidermal tissue inflammation at first.

Later, a new type of nanobubble doped with fluorescent dye was constructed through the research of the expert group, which can not only be used for ultrasound contrast imaging, but also effectively integrate the bioluminescence energy resonance transfer and fluorescence energy resonance transfer, and convert the blue light produced by Luminol into λ The near-infrared red light with a max of 670 nm has realized highly sensitive bioluminescence imaging of deep inflammatory tissue.

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