The important role of acridine ester in detecting cardiovascular diseases

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Cardiovascular disease is a chronic disease, commonly known as "geriatric disease". As the name implies, this disease mostly occurs in the elderly. However, with the increase of life pressure and the prevalence of irregular work and rest habits, there are many young people who suffer from sudden cardiac death. The characteristic of this disease is that it takes a long time to develop the disease, but once it happens, it will be critical, the disease will progress rapidly, and the mortality rate will be high. Even if it is lucky and successful, it will be difficult to recover, and the disability rate will remain high.

Therefore, a simple and fast detection method is needed to monitor the changes of the body in time. According to a large number of studies, MOP (myeloperoxidase) has an obvious rising trend in the first few months of the onset of cardiovascular disease, and the content level of myeloperoxidase is closely related to coronary artery disease. Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor MOP, and timely seek medical attention in case of abnormal MOP. At present, the most convenient test method is to use the test kit containing acridine ester.

Packaging of Desheng acridine ester

Acridine ester is a chemiluminescence reagent. Its working principle is that the concentration of the substance to be measured has a linear quantitative relationship with the chemiluminescence intensity of the system under certain conditions. It is a trace analysis method to determine the content of the substance to be measured by using the instrument to detect the chemiluminescence intensity of the system. Acridine ester used in the MOP detection kit has the characteristics of full coupling with antibodies, strong luminescence signal, high sensitivity, wide linear range, and no non-specific binding and false positive phenomenon. This labeling method is simple, repeatable, and convenient for large-scale application.

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